Can a crick in the neck lead to a permanent injury?

Some injuries that start small can become very serious as time goes on. This is especially true of workplace injuries that happen due to repetitive motion work responsibilities. However, an assumed “crick” in the neck can be much more serious than first thought and the result of numerous activities or even internal body changes. These injuries can be particularly problematic for North Carolina residents if they happen due to car accidents or in slip-and-fall situations due to the state’s contributory negligence law. But for those who have a neck problem due to working, the injury can fall into the workers’ compensation claim area when it can be connected to work responsibilities. This is especially important when it will lead to a permanent injury diagnosis.


Diagnosing a long-term neck injury can be a challenging task for medical professionals. Certain tests such as x-rays or an echo reading of the area can help, but many superficial neck contractions are actually nerve-related. Whether or not the medical problem may be a career-ending injury will depend on comprehensive testing beyond the first-line determination methods.


The ongoing developmental issues suggesting it may be a long-term debilitating injury are usually concluded after extensive testing, including the use of tinge units and response tests to determine damage extent. Neck injuries can extend well beyond the initial pain location after they manifest, and they can be a sign of multiple internal injuries.

While some neck injuries can be improved somewhat by surgery, there are also many cases where the surgery only stops immediate pain. In workers compensation cases, some victims may be able to return to work at a different position, but those who cannot will often want to file for workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible. Contact a spinal injury lawyer for help.

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