No. 1 Workers’ Compensation Attorney In North Carolina Posted by: Steven, a workers’ compensation client

I could not be more thankful to have Bob Bollinger as my attorney. Bobby Bollinger is a great man and the best workers’ compensation lawyer in the state of North Carolina. That’s not just my opinion it’s the opinion of all I have spoken with regarding workers’ compensation law. Bobby Bollinger has answered every question I have asked by phone or email within hours of my call or emails. Bobby Bollinger is always honest and very concerned about my case and has never pressured me into settling my workers’ compensation case and has always put my needs and concerns first. Bobby Bollinger’s office and staff are always courteous and helpful and have never made me feel as if I was one of a thousand they work with and that’s a great feeling. I would not hesitate to recommend Bobby Bollinger to my friends or family. He’s not just my lawyer he is someone I consider my friend.

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