Denied Head Injury Case Won

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Bob Bollinger Won A Denied Head Injury Case For Victim Of Hit And Run Auto Accident

Bob Bollinger just obtained a winning “Opinion and Award” from a Charlotte Deputy Commissioner for a client who suffered a head injury after his car was struck by another on a country road one evening in July, 2016. The insurance company denied the case in spite of the Highway Trooper’s accident report, because the client had suffered from concussions previously. Bob’s client, a driver, hit his head hard on the driver’s side window, and he developed disabling symptoms of a concussion. His treating physician, Dr. Hemath Rao of Charlotte, testified that even though the man had suffered from concussions before, this incident caused new concussive symptoms that disabled him from working. The Deputy Commissioner awarded Bob’s client medical treatment with Dr. Rao and ongoing TTD (temporary total disability) benefits at $944.00 per week since the date of his accident in July 2016, through the present (October 2019) and continuing until he is able to return to work. The insurance company is expected to appeal to the Full Commission, but this was a great win for Bob and his grateful client!

My client, a traveling salesman, was awarded TTD benefits from July 2016 and continuing, and his choice of doctor to treat his concussion symptoms

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