Employee injured after state fair ride malfunctions

Some jobs put employees at increased risk of harm. Any kind of work environment where employees are expected to, for example, operate machinery, wear a hardhat, pave roads or handle dangerous chemicals is bound to harbor an elevated risk of injury. Thankfully, there is a system set in place — known as workers’ compensation — that allows these employees to receive benefits should anything unfortunate happen while they’re working.

One such job is that of a ride operator at a fair. Unfortunately, fair rides aren’t always the most well-put-together or soundly engineered pieces of machinery, which can result in some unwelcome accidents.

Five people were recently injured after a North Carolina state fair ride malfunctioned — one of whom was the ride operator. The ride, known as the Vortex, started unexpectedly while people were still being offloaded. Victims either ran to avoid the Vortex’s rotating car arms, or lay on the ground to protect themselves. All victims were rushed to the hospital, and at least two were critically injured.

Workers like this ride operator hurt on the job are often awarded workers’ compensation benefits, which allows employees to receive benefits for having suffered an injury without having to file a lawsuit against employers. However, if any machinery that caused an accident came from a third party — like the North Carolina fair’s Vortex did — then victims may wish to pursue compensation from the manufacturer.

A skilled attorney can help determine what the best course of action is for the victims of these accidents. Whether it’s seeking compensation from the manufacturer or the employer, or choosing to file a lawsuit, an attorney is a useful guide when pursuing compensation.

Source: WRAL, “5 injured on ‘Vortex’ ride at NC State Fair,” Oct. 24, 2013

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