Workplace accident victim seriously injured after 30-foot fall

North Carolina residents know that accidents can happen at the most unexpected times. A person may be performing some routine task when a fall accident or machinery malfunction takes them by surprise. Thankfully, though, there are laws set in place that protect people who experience such misfortunes while on the job.

Recently, a man experienced such a misfortune that resulted in serious injuries. The 22-year-old broke through a building’s roof and fell 30 feet. He landed in an elevator shaft. After being taken to a nearby hospital, he was found to have life-threatening injuries. The man was carrying supplies into the building while on the job.

Injuries that occur on the job are unfortunate incidents that often result in lost wages and a plethora of costly medical expenses. The good news is that workers’ rights are protected under the law, and people injured while at work are eligible to receive compensation to help cover medical bills and lost wages. Workers’ compensation allows workers to claim benefits, but there are certain laws that dictate what an employee may be entitled to. Many injuries are covered by workers’ compensation — injuries caused by physical strain, illness caused by disease exposure at work — but not every workplace injury qualifies.

This is why it is important to have a full understanding of the laws involved in workers’ compensation cases before proceeding to file a claim. Legal professionals in the area of workers’ compensation are available to assist anyone who has experienced injury on the job and wishes to receive compensation for the hardship they’ve had to endure as a result.

Source: News Channel 10, “Man seriously injured in work-related accident,” Nov. 4, 2013

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