3 workers injured in North Carolina construction accident

Workers injured in a construction site accident should understand that the legal process provides resources and options to aid and protect workers.

Three construction workers were recently injured at nearby North Carolina State University. The construction workers’ accident took place on the university campus. Reports stated that the accident involved a crane and steel beam which was approximately eight feet off the ground. According to university officials, one of the construction workers received serious injuries while the other two constructions workers were noted as receiving minor injuries. All three construction workers were taken to the hospital.

For those injured in a construction site accident, workers’ compensation benefits may be available. Making a claim for workers’ compensation is similar to making an insurance claim and a must be reported to the employer within certain timelines. It is important to understand that an employer may not want to pay a claim and it can also be important to carefully evaluate whether or not the injured worker is receiving all of the benefits the worker is entitled.

Benefits through a workers’ compensation claim can include medical care costs and expenses and lost wages for the period of time during which the injured worker recuperates and is unable to work. Because workers’ compensation claims need to be reported and handled according to certain rules and guidelines, and are sometimes denied, it is important for those injured in a work accident to understand the legal rights and remedies available to injured workers.

Injuries that result from a construction site accident can be serious and can have a significant physical, emotional and financial impact on the life of the injured worker. A trained workers’ compensation attorney can listen to the worker and serve as a capable advocate for the worker throughout the claims process.

Source: ABC 11, “3 injured in construction accident at North Carolina State University,” Jan. 22, 2014

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