Hurt on the job in North Carolina? There are places you can turn

If you are hurt on the job, or have contracted an occupational disease, you should be aware that you only have 30 days to report the accident in writing to your employer-this means either 30 days from the accident or, in the case of occupational diseases as discussed in the last post on the Workers’ Compensation blog, 30 days from the first manifestation of an ongoing condition. Not many North Carolina residents may be aware of this requirement, which is why seeking the help of experienced counsel at our law firm may be in their best interests.

Even if 30 days have passed and the incident is unreported, our lawyers may still be able to assist you in getting your workers’ compensation claim approved. In addition to this, even if the claim is accepted, there is no guarantee that the insurance adjuster is providing you with the most benefits possible given your condition. Again, experienced lawyers at our firm may be able to give the necessary assistance to ensure an injured employee is not denied his or her rights.

Even though you may consider approaching the Human Resources department of your company after an on the job injury, you should remember that the HR department’s primary goal is to save their company money, whereas lawyers at our firm aim to protect your rights and make sure you receive the workers’ compensation you are entitled to.

We understand that work accidents take place regardless of an employer’s efforts to reduce risks in the workplace, and we also understand it takes not only time but also finances to recover from a workplace accident. We may be able to help you ease the financial burden that is associated with a work injury.

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