Charlotte SSDI & SSI Disability Attorneys

Charlotte SSDI & SSI Disability Attorneys

Part-Time Work Can Supplement Your SSD Benefits

In most cases, a recipient of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can have some gainful employment without being disqualified from continuing to receive SSD. While it is true that you cannot work on a full-time basis (defined as eight hours a day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year or some similar schedule), you can work part-time, making less than $940 a month (for 2008), and still qualify for disability benefits.

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Consult An Attorney About Your Part-Time Or Volunteer Work

Granted, there are sometimes gray areas or “fuzzy” circumstances that may require a judge’s opinion to clarify when it comes to part-time work and Social Security Disability. SSD recipients may wish to do volunteer work — and might do the same work for pay, but cannot reliably agree to a determined schedule of work because of an unstable medical condition. Sometimes the only way to get clarification in questionable work-related issues is to take the question before a judge. A Social Security Disability attorney with experience presenting a client’s case before judges in administrative hearings through federal court is a valuable advocate for an SSD recipient.

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